Why riding motorcycle is a meditation ?

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Why riding motorcycle is a meditation ?

Many people who ride motorcycles, ride for commuting. They might have had a commuter bike that they used to go to the office and then they upgraded to a car when they could. There is a very good chance that they never rode a motorcycle that was meant for the highways and for fun.

Lifestyle and premium motorcycles are not cheap, and that is one of the biggest reasons why people never discover the pleasure in riding bikes. But once you do, you will get addicted to it. If you ask bikers who go on group rides, the best correlation that they can give for the kind of pleasure that you get from riding motorcycles – is that it is meditative – sometimes even better than meditation.

I am yet to find out exactly why it feels like that but it is very closely related to having a sense of freedom. Humans have always wanted to fly and have been trying to build flying machines for 100s of years. Riding motorcycles are not exactly flying but it is the closest feeling that one can have that is accessible and doesn’t risk your life that much. (Motorcycles are dangerous – but the risk can be managed well).

When you are riding a good motorcycle (meant for the highways), it truly takes your breath away. And one doesn’t always need to ride in groups to have the same fun. Solo riding can be equally fun to do. It clears your mind and has a therapeutic feel to it.

So if you haven’t had the experience of riding a motorcycle on a highway, do it. But don’t take your scooter or 150cc motorcycle to the highway. The motorcycle has to be 500cc or more and should be heavy enough to handle the crosswinds on the highway. You don’t need to buy a motorcycle like to have such an experience, you can always rent one for a day and just experience it.

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